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Minds on the Frontline Podcast

Geoff Lassers and Mike Mattern

The Minds on the Frontline Podcast brought to you by the Wayne State University Frontline Strong Together Program in collaboration with the Michigan Crisis and Access Line. Frontline Strong Together, or FST5, provides streamlined access to behavioral health resources, as well as increased access to crisis services to Michigan’s front line five, which includes all professional, part-time, and volunteer firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, corrections officers, and 911 dispatchers. The Michigan Crisis and Access Line, or MiCAL, serves as the central call center for the FST5 Program. FST5 was collaboratively created by first responders and mental health experts to provide 24/7 live support, effective resources, and cutting-edge services to prevent and alleviate PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other frontline work-related mental health challenges. NEED HELP NOW? If you are experiencing any crisis - work related, substance abuse, depression, relationships, financial, or any other, reach out by calling 1-833-34-STRONG or go to FST5.org for more information.